Murder List

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Brown, CarrieAli, Ameer BenNew York1891Carrie Brown: Jack the Ripper in America, Part 2
Pollard, Lucy JaneAbernathy, Barnes, Barnes, MarableVirginia1895False Witness, the Lucy Pollard Murder
Warren, PalmerFuller, AmasaIndiana1820The Indiana Hero
Ellis, AbijahAlley, LeavittMassachusetts1872The Boston Barrel Tragedy
Swearingen, Mary ScotSwearingen, GeorgeMaryland1828The Sheriff’s Mistress
Bowlsby, Alice A.Rosenzweig, JacobNew York1871The Great Trunk Mystery
Love, JohnThayer BrothersNew York1824The Thayer Brothers
Graham, Sarah H.Graham, George E.Missouri1885The Graham Tragedy
Druse, WilliamDruse, RoxalanaNew York1884The Druse Butchery
Warden, ChristieAlmy, FrankNew Hampshire1891Murder in the Vale of Tempe
Meeks FamilyTaylor BrothersMissouri1894The Meeks Family Murder
Cramer, JennieMalley, Malley,DouglasConnecticut1881Found Drifting with the Tide
Burdell, HarveyCunningham, EmmaNew York1857The Bond Street Tragedy
Walkup, James ReevesWalkup, Minnie WallaceKansas1885Vamp of New Orleans
Preller, Charles ArthurBrooks, Hugh MottramMissouri1885The St. Louis Trunk Tragedy
Green, Mary Anne WyattGreen, Henry G.New York1845The Murdered Wife
Bickford, Maria A.Tirrell, Albert J.Massachusetts1845The Sleepwalking Defense
Hamilton, Mary W.Clough, JoelNew Jersey1833A Crime of Passion
Sands, GulielmaWeeks, LeviNew York1799The Manhattan Well Mystery
Madison, Fannie LillianCluverius, Thomas JudsonVirginia1885Kissing Cousins
Cornell, Sarah MariaAvery, Ephraim KingsburyRhode Island1832The Minister and the Mill Girl
Poole, Bill "The Butcher"Baker, Morrissey, et. Al.New York1855The Killing of Bill The Butcher
York, William & 9 othersBender FamilyKansas1870The Bloody Benders
25-40 peopleHarpe BrothersTennessee, Kentucky1798Big Harpe and Little Harpe
Cataldo, DomenicoBarbella, MariaNew York1895Murder in Little Italy
Fisher, LaviniaSouth Carolina1819The Legend of Lavinia Fisher
Schiller, HermanEgner, Egner, RuferOhio1874The Tanyard Murder
Sayer FamilyLe Blanc, AntoineNew Jersey1833Antoine Le Blanc
Stott, Daniel & 4 othersCream, Thomas NeillIllinois1881The Lambeth Poisoner
Merrick, Fred A.
Rulloff, Edward H.
New York1870The Man of Two Lives
Curran, Katie & Millen, HoracePomeroy, Jesse HardingMassachusetts1874Jesse Pomeroy - "Boston Boy Fiend"
Pierson, ElijaMathews, RobertNew York1834The Prophet Matthias
Sheedy, JohnMcFarland, William & Sheedy, MaryNebraska1891The Great Sheedy Murder Case
Sprague, AmasaGordon BrothersRhode Island1843Rhode Island Inequity
Richardson, Albert DeaneMcFarland, DanielNew York1869The Richardson-McFarland Tragedy
Smith, EllenDeGraff, PeterNorth Carolina1892Poor Ellen Smith
Cronin, Patrick HenryClan-na-GaelIllinois1889Clan-na-Gael and the Murder of Dr. Cronin
Whipple, JohnStrang, JesseNew York1827Albany Gothic
Fisk, JimStokes, Edward S.New York1872Jubilee Jim
Raber, JosephBlue  Eyed SixPennsylvania1878The Blue Eyed Six
Ging, Catherine M.Haward, Harry & Blixt, ClausMinnesota1894The Minneapolis Svengali
Noel, Mary LulaSimmons, WilliamMissouri1892The Knoxville Girl
Caswell, BerengeraSmith, James HarveyMaine1849Mary Bean - The Factory Girl
Silver, CharlesSilver, Frankie StewartNorth Carolina1831The Ballad of Frankie Silver
Colvin, RussellBoorn BrothersVermont1812The Dead Alive
Adams, SamuelColt, John C.New York1841The Corpse in the Shipping Crate
Britt, AllenBaker, FrankieMissouri1899Frankie Baker - "He Done Her Wrong"
Green, DeliaHouston, MosesGeorgia1900Delia's Gone, One More Round
Parkman, GeorgeWebster, John WhiteMassachusetts1849Dr. George Parkman - "The Pedestrian"
Langmaid, Josie A.Lapage, JosephNew Hampshire1875Josie Langmaid-"The Murdered Maiden Student"
Woolfolk FamilyWoolfolk, TomGeorgia1887Bloody Woolfolk
Chapman, WilliamChapman, Lucretia & Mina, CarolinoPennsylvania1831Lucretia Chapman and the Cuban Con Artist
Foster, LauraDula, TomNorth Carolina1866Hang Down Your Head Tom Dula
Ward, FredaMitchell, AliceTennessee1892Freda Ward - "Girl Slays Girl"
Morgan, WilliamFreemasonsNew York1826William Morgan - Revenge of the Freemasons
Shue, Zona HeasterShue, TroutWest Virginia1897Zona Heaster Shue - The Greenbrier Ghost
Chritensen, Anethe & Christensen, KarenWagner, LouisNew Hampshire1873The Smuttynose Murders
Rothchild, Annie (Diamond Bessie)Rothchild, AbeTexas1877The Shooting of Diamond Bessie
Lamont, Blanche & Williams, MinnieDurrand, TheodoreCalifornia1895Theo Durrant - The Demon of the Belfry
Leutgert, LouiseLeutgert, AdolphIllinois1897Louise Luetgert - The Sausage Vat Murder
Jewett, HelenRobinson, Richard P.New York1836Helen Jewett - The Girl in Green
White, JosephCrowninshield, Knapp, KnappMassachusetts1830Captain Joseph White-A Most Extraordinary Case
Key, Philip BartonSickles, Daniel EdgarWashington, D.C.1859Dan Sickles's Temporary Insanity
Borden, Andrew & AbbyBorden, Lizzie AndrewMassachusetts1892Lizzie Borden Took an Axe...Or Did She?
Pitezel, Benjamin & othersHolmes, Henry HowardIllinois1894H. H. Holmes - "I was born with the devil in me."
Wise, NaomiLewis, JonathanNorth Carolina1807Poor 'Omie - The Murder of Naomi Wise
Rogers, Mary CeciliaPayne, Daniel et alNew Jersey1841Mary Rogers, the Beautiful Cigar Girl
Lyons, WilliamShelton, "Stack" LeeMissouri1895That Bad Man Stagolee
Sherman, Horatio et alSherman, LydiaConnecticut, New York1864The Poison Fiend
Lester, David & StephenDunbar, ReubenNew York1850An Unfortunate Organization
Harris, Helen PottsHarris, Carlyle W.New York1850The Six Capsules
Hill, Mary E.Twitchell, George S.Pennsylvania1891Cheating the Gallows
Goss, Winfield ScottUdderzook, WilliamPennsylvania1873He Knew Too Much
Lanagan, Timothy & Lubee, CatherineRobinson, HenriettaNew York1853The Veiled Murderess
Bryan, PearlJackson, Scott & Walling, AlonzoKentucky1896The Mysteries of Pearl Bryan
Armstrong, John M.Hunter, Benjamin F.New Jersey1878The Hunter-Armstrong Tragedy
Andrews, Carrie L.Jansen, WalterMassachusetts1894The Beautiful Carrie Andrews
Goodrich, CharlesKing, Lizzie (alias Kate Stoddard)New York1873A Woman Scorned
Manchester, Bertha M.deMello, Jose CorreaMassachusetts1893Startling Parallelisms.
Stannard, Mary E.Hayden, Rev. Herbert H.Connecticut1873Poor Mary Stannard!
Putnam, Avery D.Foster,
New York1871The Car-Hook Tragedy
Broemser, Mrs. Dora C. J.Kring, CharlesMissouri1874Love and Law.
Deering FamilyProbst, AntoinePennsylvania1866Horror!
Weston, John D.Lowenstein, EmilNew York1873The Brooklyn Barber
Watson, George W.Hyde, Fanny WindleyNew York1872A Weight of Grief.
Freese, Ann E.Phair, JohnVermont1874Fire in the Swamp.
Budge, PricillaBudge, Rev. HenryNew York1859A Balance of Probabilities.
Swan, Israel & 4 othersPacker,Alfred G.Colorado1874Alfred Packer, Man-eater.
Nutt, Captain A. C.Dukes, Nicholas L.Pennsylvania1882A Matter of Honor.
Dukes, Nicholas L.Nutt, JamesPennsylvania1883A Matter of Honor.
James, IsaacHind, Denwood & HarryMaryland1879The Baltimore Sorrow.
Ware, John A.Ware, John C.New Jersey1870A House Divided.
Talbott, Dr. Perry H.Talbot, Albert & CharlesMissouri1880The Talbots.
Williams, Mary (Polly)Rogers, PhilipPennsylvania1810"...cut off in her youthful bloom"
Stickney, Joseph A.Kelley, Joseph E.New Hampshire1897A Contract with the Devil.
8 PeopleRobinson, Sarah JaneMassachusetts1886The Massachusetts Borgia.
McKaig, WilliamW. Jr.Black, Harry CrawfordMaryland1870The Black-McKaig Homicide.
Meservey, SarahHart, NathanMaine1877The Hart-Meservey Murder.
Crittenden, Alexander P.Fair, Laura D.California1870The Woman in Black.
Walworth, Mansfield.Walworth, FrankNew York1873The Walworth Patricide.
Field, HerbertVanderpool, George HMichigan1869The Vanderpool-Field Tragedy.
Shaw, Honora & Lynch, EllenSpring, Arthur Sr.Pennsylvania1853Arthur Spring Jr. vs. Arthur Spring Sr.
Young, Mabel H.Piper, Thomas W.Massachusetts1875The Boston Belfry Tragedy.
Van Amburgh, BetseyArnold, StephenNew York1805A Savage Ruffian.
Nathan, BenjaminUnknownNew York1870Who Killed Benjamin Nathan?
Garber, Anna & Ream ElizabethAnderson, Alexander & Richards, HenryPennsylvania1857The Manheim Tragedy.
Taylor, J. T. & 10 othersKelly FamilyKansas1887Another "Bender Family."
Bachmann, WilliamMarlow, CharlesNew York1871The Marlow Murder.
Ambler, RoseLewis, WilliamConnecticut1883The Raven Stream Crime.
4+ PeopleCannon, PattyDelaware1820The Notorious Patty Cannon.
Kniffin, MyraKniffin, Arthur & Purcell, EmmaNew Jersey1890Chloroformed to Death.
Sharp, Col. SolomonBeauchamp, JereboamKentucky1825The Kentucky Tragedy.
Alexander, SarahRubenstein, Pesach N.New York1875The Corn Field Murder.
Hoyle, LillieCowie, Dixon & McQuaid, ThomasMassachusetts1875The Webster Mystery.
Kelly, MamieGoldenson, Alexander California1886The School-girl Murder.
Sawtell, HiramSawtell, IsaacNew Hampshire1890Cain and Abel.
Keith, HarveyBarker, Marshal & WilliamMichigan1885Murder at Bloomingdale.
Smith, Althadine & Wilson, Louisa Smith, AlfredOhio1886The Sailor and the Spiritualist.
Smith, Emma Taylor Smith, Samuel R.Illinois1885A Shrewd Rascal.
Kirk, WilliamBerner, William & Palmer, Joseph.Ohio1883The Courthouse Riots.
Allen, ThomasOliver, GeorgeOhio1883Murder among the Shantyboats.
Maybee, Lydia & AnnaRugg, CharlesNew York1883The Long Island Murders.
Hoover, Charles V.Strunk, Prof. Ira G.Indiana1886Professor Strunk.
 McQuillan, Margaret;
McQuillan, Sarah; Halliday, Paul
Halliday, LizzieNew York1893Worst Woman on Earth.
Smith, TillieTitus, James J.New Jersey1886"She Died in Defense of Her Honor."
Townsend, KateSykes, Troisville EgbertLousiana1883Queen of the Demimonde.
Tilson, AdellaWheeler, George A.California1880'Thus She Passed Away.'
Umberger, HermanNicely, Joe & DavePennsylvania1889The Nicely Brothers.
Gordon, Almon, Emma & MillieGordon, John TrueMaine1873John True Gordon.
Lovering, GeorgiannaEvans, Franklin B.New Hampshire1872The Northwood Murderer.
Halsted, Oliver "Pet"Botts, GeorgeNew Jersey1871The Murder of Pet Halsted.
Reinhardt, Mary Anne DungenReinhardt, EdwardNew York1878The Silver Lake Mystery.
Ford, Jane; Ruddy, James; Ruddy, FrankSamon,
New Hampshire1883The New Hampshire Horror.
Muller, PhilomenaKenkowski, MartinNew Jersey1881The Guttenberg Murder.
Lassiter, Charles H.Carawan, Rev.George W.North Carolina1852The North Carolina Tragedy.
Mohrman, MaryHanlon, JohnPennsylvania1868Little Mary Mohrman.
Young, Jacob & NancyClem, Nancy; Abrams, William; Hartman, Silas Indiana1868The Notorious Mrs. Clem.
Runkle, JohnRunkle, MaryNew York1847Cup of Affliction.
Gould, Sarah JaneEldredge, James E.New York1857James E. Eldredge.
Stiles, WilliamDeWolf, OrrinMassachusetts1845Orrin DeWolf.
Garrity, Bridgett “Beezy”Driscoll, DanielNew York1886Murder Among the Whyos, Part 1.
Quinn, Joseph FrancisLyons, Daniel M.New York1887Murder Among the Whyos, Part 2.
Lyons, DanielMurphy, DanielNew York1887Murder Among the Whyos, Part 2.
Colvin, Francis A.Linsday, OwenNew Jersey1859The Baldwinsville Homicide.
Harden, Hannah LouisaHarden, Rev. Jacob S.New York1873The Confession of Jacob Harden.
Hendrickson, MariaHendrickson, John, Jr.New York1853Sudden Death, Foul Suspicions.


Unknown says:
November 3, 2015 at 9:11 PM

Here's one you've missed: The Keller Family, Auburn, New York. Jan 25 1894. The post-mortem photo is beautiful. Then there's the Porter kids, axe murdered by their father in Ohio in 1872. Finally, there's the Pasons, murdered near Success MO on Oct. 12, 1906. Those are the murders at Thanatos you didn't have here.

Robert Wilhelm says:
November 4, 2015 at 12:20 PM

Thanks Dawn, I will definitely check out the Kellers and the Porters. The murders that make it to this page have an interesting story, with a conclusive ending, such as a trial or an execution. If I just have a picture and a summary they become part of the “Little Murders” series, not included here. I will have to do some research to determine where the Kellers and Porters end up.

Ellis Weiner says:
March 23, 2016 at 1:25 PM

Mr. Wilhelm--

With a partner, I'm doing a book for Little, Brown called Monsters of the Ivy League. We're looking for the stories of I.L. graduates (or faculty) who have, among other things, committed murder. Can you recommend some names or crimes PRIOR to, say, 1940? The 19th and 18th centuries would be especially appreciated. Many thanks.

Robert Wilhelm says:
March 27, 2016 at 9:16 AM

Ellis,I have a couple of Ivy Leaguers: In 1849 Harvard professor, John White Webster murdered George Parkman. Both were Harvard graduates.
In 1881, Walter Malley was charged as an accomplice to the murder of Jennie Cramer. He went to Yale but didn’t graduate.

Anonymous says:
March 29, 2016 at 12:31 AM

If you want an interesting murder story you might want to check out the murder of Mrs. Martha Parrish by her son in law James Hayden "Hade" Brown in 1877 in Randolph County Missouri. The murder itself is not interesting, but the events that take place afterwards are. Hade lead a brief life on the run. There was a suicide pact between Hade and his wife days before his hanging. His suicide attempt was foiled in jail, but his wife successfully killed herself. Thousands attended his hanging on the outskirts of Huntsville Missouri. And then after his hanging Hade and his wife were buried in a double coffin arm in arm. It was well covered by the papers in Missouri of the early 1880s.

Unknown says:
January 14, 2017 at 6:23 AM z I think you will find this murder trial and case interesting.

Unknown says:
January 14, 2017 at 6:28 AM

Unknown says:
February 13, 2017 at 12:28 PM

Are you going to be collecting information on Jesse Pomeroy, the 14 year old murderer from Boston? I have a list of resources and would love to see it represented on this site!

Anonymous says:
May 2, 2017 at 1:39 PM

Mr Wilhem,

I am writing a book about a murder in the UK in 1823 of a Mr William Wood. Of the three perpetrators, two were caught (one killed himself, one was executed) and one got clean away. To the States from Liverpool we believe. Do you have any records pertaining to robbery with murder from 1823 forward involving the arrest of an Englishman - his name was John Platt but he sometimes used the alias Pratt. Thank you in advance for your time and effort. Best, Bill Borrows (

Mike Manners says:
July 13, 2018 at 10:44 AM

I just LOVE this site. Something for everyone here. The period illustrations are the best part.

Equality Evermore says:
August 22, 2020 at 2:06 AM

Michael, Norah, and Theresa Murphy were slaughtered in an 1898 unsolved mystery known as The Gatton Murders.

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