Saturday, February 26, 2022

Seduction and Murder.

In November 1871, 18-year-old Mary Ann Sevindell filed a lawsuit against Henry H. Howell of Prairie Creek, Illinois, for seduction. They were both in the law office of Beason & Bilan in Lincoln, Illinois, on November 28, where attorneys were hammering out a settlement agreement. The lawyers came up with a compromise that pleased them, but apparently, it did not please Miss Sevindell. As Howell was leaving to have the agreement acknowledged, Mary Anne drew a pistol and without saying a word, shot him in the back. The bullet came out at the left breast.

Dazed, Howell walked a few steps then unbuttoned his vest and saw blood oozing from the wound. He saw the bullet on the floor, picked it up and handed it to one of the gentlemen in the room. He remarked that he was killed then sank to the floor.

It does not appear that Mary Ann Sevindell was ever charged with Howell’s murder.

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