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Deserved Double Lynching.

Little Murders
(From The Wheeling Register, Wheeling, West Virginia, June 6, 1885)

Deserved Double Lynching.
Two Brothers Swing for Murder – Wholesale Murder Plot Revealed
Marshalltown, Iowa, June5. – Fin and Mans Rainsbarger were taken from jail at Eldora, Hardin county, at 1 o’clock this morning, by a mob of seventy-five masked men and riddled with bullets, so as to be unrecognizable. They are brothers of the two Rainsbargers now in the Marshal county jail here, for the murder of Enoch Johnson, and were arrested yesterday for an alleged attack on Doctor Underwood, who is prominent in the Rainsbarger prosecution.

Results of a Feud

The lynching of Rainsbarger at Eldora, last night, is the result of an old feud that has be brewing in Harden county for many years. It originated in a family quarrel a great many years ago and culminated last year in the murder of Johnson. For this crime the two Rainsbarers, Nathaniel and Frank, are now in jail at Marshalltown, charged with murder. Accusation was made by the wife of Nathanial, who is a daughter of Johnson. Among the most prominent men in the county , who testified at the preliminary examination was Dr. Underwood, of Eldora. His life was threatened by the gang a few days ago. Suspicious movements were discovered by a party upon whom a watch was set. It was discovered in a secret communication with the Rainsbagers. It was finally found that a plot was being concocted

To Murder a Number of Leading Citizens

of the county. These facts developed only a day or two ago. Night before last Dr. Underwood and Dr. Riedenour, a dentist, were shot as they were driving along in the country. The former was wounded and hit once. Only though a number of shots were fired, this attempt drove the citizens to desperation, and Rainsbargers having  been arrested  last evening, were, during the night, taken out and lynched as stated. The brothers lynched were known as Fin and Mans. Fin was a pardoned convict charged with murder. The family and their followers are hard characters and have given peaceable a great deal of trouble. Great excitement prevails. Public sentiment, however, generally approves of the lynching. It is doubtful if any prosecutions are made.


The Wheeling Register, Wheeling, West Virginia, June 6, 1885


Unknown says:
November 9, 2018 at 11:07 PM

From one who knows, believe me, this is total crap.
Raymond M. Tinnian

david folkerts says:
May 8, 2019 at 2:47 PM

I would totally agree with Mr. Tinnian this is total incorrect. There were 5 brothers that is correct, but nothing else has the shred of truth. 2 brothers imprisoned for 26 years were not guilty, 2 brothers lynched for something that didn't happen trial by mob. I'm ashamed to know what happened where I live.
David Folkerts -

Robert Wilhelm says:
May 9, 2019 at 8:34 AM

This is an 1885 newspaper story copied, verbatim, as it appeared in the Wheeling Register. Maybe its true, maybe its not; with newspapers, then and now, you take what you get. If there is another side to this story, point me to some sources and maybe I'll investigate further. RW.

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