American Murder Ballads

Song: Pearl Bryan (I)
Song: Pearl Bryan (II)
Song: Pearl Bryan (III)

Story: The Mysteries of Pearl Bryan
Song: Lydia Sherman

Story: The Poison Fiend
Song: The Indiana Hero (aka Fuller and Warren)

Story: The Indiana Hero
Song: The Mournful and Pathetic Ballad on the Murder of John Love

Story: The Thayer Brothers
Song: The Meeks Famly Murder
Song: Midnight Murder of the Meeks Famly

Story: The Meeks Famly Murder
Song: Ewing Brooks

Story: The St. Lewis Trunk Tragedy
Song: Poor Ellen Smith

Story: Poor Ellen Smith
Song: The Arsenic Tragedy

Story: The Murdered Wife
Song: The Stokes Verdict

Story: Jubilee Jim
Song: The Harry Hayward Song

Story: The Minneapolis Svengali
Song: The Knoxville Girl

Story: The Knoxville Girl
Song: The Ballad of Frankie Silver

Story: The Ballad of Frankie Silver
Song: Delia
Song: Delia's Gone

Story: Delia's Gone, One More Round
Song: Frankie and Johnnie
Song: Frankie and Albert
Song: Leaving Home

Story: Frankie Baker - "He Done Her Wrong"
Song: Suncook Town Tragedy

Story: Josie Langmaid - "The Murderd Maiden Student"
Song: Tom Dooley

Story: Hang Down Your Head Tom Dula
Song: Alice Mitchel and Freddy Ward

Story: Freda Ward - "Girl Slays Girl"
Song: Fall River Hoedown

Story: Lizzie Borden Took an Axe...Or Did She?
Song: Omie Wise

Story: Poor 'Omie - The Murder of Naomi Wise
Song: Stack O'Lee Blues
Song: Billy Lyons and Stack O'Lee

Story: That Bad Man Stagolee

Song: Dunbar, the Murderer
Story: An Unfortunate Organization
Song: Dr. Burdell, The Bond Street Tragedy
Song: The Bellevue Baby
Story: The Bond Street Tragedy
Song: The Lost Miners
Story: Alfred Packer, Man-eater
Song: Polly Williams
Poem: Polly Williams (Samuel Little)
Poem: "The Murder of Polly Williams" (A. F. Hill)
Story: "...cut off in her youthful bloom"