Saturday, February 24, 2018

A Kentucky Courtship.

Tom Moore had been courting the daughter of Bud Reynolds, a well-known distiller of Prestonsburg, Kentucky, against the wishes of the old man. On October 29, 1896, Moore walked into town and told his friends that before nightfall he intended to either marry his sweetheart or kill her father. He did not marry his sweetheart.

Moore went to her home and found Bud Reynolds waiting with a loaded pistol. Moore was armed as well and they exchanged shots. After the first volley the men grappled, fighting hand to hand, each still holding his revolver and trying to fire at his opponent. Both men drew blood, but Tom Moore did the most damage. He got to his feet, finished off Bud Reynolds with one shot, and fled to the hills.

Public sentiment was strongly against Moore, and a $500 reward was offered for his capture. Though he was terribly wounded, Tom Moore managed evade capture for several days. Deputy U.S. Marshal Kid Green and Deputy Clark caught him sleeping on a mountain in Pike County and took him to Pike Jail. For his own safety he was not taken back to Prestonsburg. 

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