Pearl Bryan II

Pearl Bryan (II)
A ballad of the murder Pearl Bryan in Kentucky, 1896.

The story: The Mysteries of Pearl Bryan

Pearl Bryan II

Deep, deep in yonders valley
Where the flowers fade and bloom
There lies poor Pearl Bryan
In a cold and silent tomb

She died not broken hearted
Nor lingering ill befell
But in an instant parted
From one she loved so well

One night the moon shone brightly
The stars were shining too
When to her cottage window
Her jealous lover drew

Come Pearl let’s take a ramble
O’re the meadows wild and gay
Where no one will disturb us
We’ll name our wedding day

Deep, deep into the valley
He led his love so dear
Says she “It’s for you only
That I am rambling here

“The way seems dark and dreary
And I’m afraid to stay
Of rambling I’ve grown weary
And would retrace my way”

“Retrace your way? No, never!
These woods no more you’ll roam
So bid farewell forever
To parents, friends and home

“You have not the wings of an eagle
Nor from me can you fly
No human hand can aid you
Pearl Bryan you must die"

“What have I done, Scott Jackson
That you should take my life?
You know I’ve always loved you
And would have been your wife"

There’s room for my name in your album
There’s room form my love in your heart
There’s room for us both in heaven
When true friends never part

Down on her knees before him
She pleaded for her life
But into her snow white bosom
He plunged a fatal knife

“Farewell my loving parents
My happy peaceful home
Farewell my dear old schoolmates
With you no more I’ll roam

“Farewell my dear, dear sister
My face you’ll see no more
Long , long you’ll wait my coming
At the little cottage door

“But Jackson I’ll forgive you
With my last and dying breath”
Her pulse had cased their beating
Her eyes were closed in death

The birds sang in the morning
But doleful were there songs
A stranger found Pearl Brian
Cold headless on the ground