Lydia Sherman

Lydia Sherman
A song of the murders committed by Lydia Sherman in New York and Connecticut, 1864-1861.

The story: The Poison Fiend

Lydia Sherman

Lydia Sherman is plagued with rats
Lydia has no faith in cats.
So Lydia buys some arsenic,
And then her husband gets sick;
And then her husband, he does die,
And Lydia’s neighbors wonder why.

Lydia moves, but still has rats;
And still she puts no faith in cats;
So again she buys some arsenic
This time her children; they get sick,
This time her children, they do die,
And Lydia’s neighbors wonder why.

Lydia lis in Wethersfield jail,
And loudly does she moan and wail.
She blames her fate on a plague of rats;
She blames the laziness of cats.
But her neighbors’ questions she can’t deny—
So Lydia now in prison must lie.