The Harry Hayward Song

The Harry Hayward Song
A ballad of the murder of Catherine Ging in New York, 1894.

The story: The Minneapolis Svengali

The Harry Hayward Song

Minneapolis was excited,
And for many miles around,
For a terrible crime committed
Just a mile or so from town.
It was a cold and winter's eve
The villain did reply
Tonight she takes that fatal ride
And she shall have to die.

The stars were shining brightly
And the moon had passed away.
The roads were dark and lonely
When found dead where she lay.
Then tell the tale of a criminal
She was his promised bride.
Just another sin to answer for,
Another fatal ride.

When for pleasure she went riding
Little did she know her fate
That took place on that lonely night
On the road near Calhoun Lake.
She was shot while in the buggy,
And beaten, 'tis true to speak,
Until all life had vanished,
Then was cast into the street.

He was at heart a criminal,
But a coward of a man,
And so he sought another
To execute his plan.
It was a cold and bloody plot,
Likewise a terrible sin
To take a life so kind and true
As she had been to him.