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Victims of a Mysterious Strangler.

Five women of New York have been murdered by a fiend. Their cases are similar to that of the woman whose body was found in the courtyard in the rear of the tenement at No. 27 Monroe Street. The police accuse John Brown, a sailor, with this last murder. Is he the fiend who strangled the other women?

Flossie Murphy.

She was better known in the Tenderloin as “Diamond Flossie.” The unfortunate was found strangled in her flat on April 21, 1897. About her neck a rope was knotted until it cut the flesh. A sailor had tied the knot. The woman’s diamonds were gone.

Minnie Weldt.

She was found dead with a handkerchief tied in a sailor’s knot under the left ear. Her murderer was never found.

Annie Black.

She was robbed and murdered on August 4, 1896, in her flat at No. 207 East Twenty-Third street. She was strangled and her throat was cuts. She was seen to come hojme on the night o the murder at 8:30 o’clock with a tall dark man. Her husband was arrested on suspicion at the time.

Mrs. Pauline Barnett.

She lived at No. 11 St. Mark’s place, and was found in her bed on November 10, 1896, nearly strangled. She said she had been choked and robbed by a strange man, whom she had taken into her flat.

Hannah Altman.

She was found strangled in her bed at No. 202 East Twenty-ninth street on September 1, 1896. Her own stocking had been tightly knotted about her neck. The knot was the work of a sailor’s hand. There were raw marks on the side of the throat as in the Monroe case. The strangler’s clutch had caused death.


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