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Cruel Boys Who Become Murderers.

Little Murders
(From The Palo Alto Reporter, Emmetsburg, Iowa, June 30, 1877.
- quoting The Cincinnati Commercial)

Cruel Boys Who Become Murderers.

It is set down as a veritable fact and a warning to boys that George W. Fletcher, a murderer and repeater who was hanged in Philadelphia on the 11th for a very cowardly murder, began his vicious career at the early age of 11, by cutting off the tails of pigs for amusement. The inference is that boys who begin life in that manner will end it as Fletcher ended his. And the inference is not much out of the way. The wanton killing of innocent birds and the torture of domestic animals for amusement cultivates a hardness of heart and an indifference that soon qualifies a man for any criminal act. No doubt if all the dogs to whose tails Fletcher tied tin canisters, and all the cats that he illuminated with turpentine, and all the pigs whose tails he cut off, could rise in judgment against him, the verdict that he was served right would be unanimous. The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals should issue a tract setting forth Fletcher’s career as an awful example. - Cincinnati Commercial


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