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The Saugerties Bard.

Sketch by Johyn Hughes Kerbert
Before the Civil War, a prolific balladeer named Henry S. Backus roamed the Catskills in New York State singing original songs about current events. Better known as The Saugerties Bard, he wandered from town to town singing about explosions, fires, prize fights, riots, and of course, murders.

Travelling in a broken-down wagon festooned with American flags and bells, he would enter a town, usually accompanied by a procession of barking dogs, and begin playing popular songs on flute or fiddle to the gathering crowd. He would sing his original songs then sell printed copies for a penny.

Henry Backus had been a school teacher with a wife and five daughters. When his wife died he began drinking heavily and became “rabid” with religion ending up in an insane asylum in Hudson, New York. By 1850 he was back in Saugerties and beginning his career in entertainment. 

In 1941, 87-year-old Johyn Hughes Kerbert, drew a sketch of Backus from memory. He remembered the Saugerties Bard as “rather short, stocky, well built, long grey hair and beard, grey suit, a ‘Grant Hat’ and a wooden leg.”

In a tradition later carried on by Woody Guthrie and Bob Dylan, he wrote new lyrics to existing melodies. Unfortunately for anyone trying to learn his songs, the tunes are not as common in the twenty-first century as they were in the nineteenth, so finding the lyrics is only half the job.

Among the murders Backus sang about were three that have already been covered at Murder by Gaslight:

Some songs about murders not yet covered here are:

In addition to murder, Henry Backus wrote about other interesting events:

Very few songs of the Saugerties Bard have been recorded, but June Lazar’s Folk Songs of New York City , vol 1 & 2 includes five of them.


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